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Dr. S. Matt Lacoste, PhD., Director

Clinical & Sports Psychologist,

Certified Eating Disorders Specialist

          He obtained his Doctorate degree at the University of Toulouse in France.

      Psychologist in private practice since 2003, he developed a holistic and integrative approach to treat psychological issues as Depression, Stress and Burnout, Addictive behaviors, Sexual disorders, Adoption process, Behavior disorders, School disorders, Geriatrics disorders.

     He is Certified Eating Disorders Specialist from IAEDP in USA. He developed his practice in France, in USA, and in Canada. 

     Based on his PhD. that emphasizes the Mental training for sportsmen, he is an experienced Sports Psychologist Consultant (Individual consultant for high-level athletes, Mental trainer for professional teams).

     Former Professor of Psychology in University, he is still an active researcher, author and reviewer for Scientific Journals and International conferences.

Curriculum Vitae

Psychologist, PsyD.
Professor and Researcher, PhD.

Professional, dedicated and inspirational teacher since 1998, he has a wide-range of teaching experiences particularly, in University with undergraduate and graduate students. He is proficiency in creating student-centered environment, cooperative learning, and, hopefully, lifelong learner.

During his career, he taught Psychology from College and University to adult (Professional Training).

Research in psychology should think over the boundaries of the psychology sub-disciplines. To understand how the psyche works and how we can help to improve people well-being, we must take in consideration the developmental, clinical, social and organizational dimensions of human people, through a holistic approach of the person. Seeking answers to important, interesting and practice-relevant research question for advancing the field of psychology is the driver behind his passion for research.




Certified Licensed Psychologist  – ADELI (France)


Certified Eating Disorders Specialist (CEDS) – IAEDP (USA)


Master Degree in PSYCHOLOGY, University of Toulouse 2 (France)


DOCTORATE in PSYCHOLOGY, University of Toulouse 2 (France)

International Baccalaureate Certificate in Teaching and Learning- Southeastern Louisiana University (USA)


Certified Licensed Psychologist in Quebec, CA. – OPQ (Canada)


Certified Licensed Psychologist in France – ADELI (31 & 06)


Certified Licensed Psychologist in Ontario, CA – CPO (Canada)


2003 - Present

Psychologist in Private Practice

2010 - 2013

Assistant Professor of Psychology - University of Nice (France, 06)  

1999 - 2008

Assistant Professor of Psychology - University of Toulouse (France, 31)  

With his teaching, researching, learning and practicing experiences, he developed a holistic and patient-centered approach to treat clients (close to Carl Rogers philosophy of therapy). Empathy, understanding, listening, analysis and keep a professional distance with the patient, with a strong respect of Ethics (A.P.A.), are his key tools.

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