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Dr. Matt Lacoste is Certified Eating Disorders Specialist by IAEDP (USA), he developed a new treatment approach. The A-Why therapy is focused on the origins of the disorder, the recovery, and the prevention of relapse. With this approach, recovery and relapse rates are very good, much better than regular therapies. 


Dr. Matt Lacoste is an experienced sport psychologist, he built and use the GAPTAC model of sport consulting: A holistic approach to improve performance, maintain well-being, treat issues or disorders.  


Patient-centered psychologists, we adapt our therapy to your own needs and issues. Our goal is to guide you to find your solutions to cope with your disorder(s). Empathy, understanding, listening, analysis and keep a professional distance with the patient, with a strong respect of Ethics drive all our therapies. Unconditional positive regard, and genuine nature give the possibility to develop the necessary confidence, key of success of the therapy.


Communication, Parenting, Work-life balance, Finances, Sexuality, Hobbies, Family in law, ...

living a romantic relationship could be difficult, source of stress or conflict.

Periods of life could be more challenging and the couple can be in danger for internal or for external issues, it could be the moment to explore, readjust, transform, adapt the dynamic of life with the help of a psychologist who will provide you the space to speak and reflect and the advices and support you need. 


Sometimes family harmony decreases or seems to be broken. When child was born, becoming a parent is a new challenge and is not always easy. When your child becomes a teenager, conflicts or identity crisis can occur. However, solutions exist to find back your family harmony and well-being. With the help of your psychologist, you will use your abilities and your strengths to walk back smoothly on the road of life. 


Sophrology is a therapeutic technique that combine relaxation and mental imagery. The goal is to be relaxed and, by mental images, the psychotherapist can introduce therapeutic work. The relaxation is close to the autogenic training of Schultz and emphasize deep belly breathing.


You can access to courses on psychological subjects supported by lectures, slide shows, videos, and/or PDF documents. You will find courses with theories and applied side on Eating disorders, Psychology of and for athletes, Developmental issues, Behavior disorders, Psychology of elderly, etc.

You can take a psychological test (Rorschach Test, Personality Test, Intelligence Test, etc.). You just need to complete all questions and send your answers. Confidentially, you will receive your personal feedback and results.

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