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     All courses are identified with 3 numbers and one letter. The first number is the level, the second is the sub-discipline of psychology, the third is the number of the course, and the letter is the language of the course: E is for English, F for French.

PSY 101-E: Introduction to Psychology

This course introduces and defines Psychology as a science. Main sub-disciplines are covered as General Psychology, Clinical psychology, Developmental psychology, Social psychology, Health psychology, Cognitive psychology, and Sport psychology.

Each discipline is described with its Subject(s), Scientific approach, Method(s), and main Authors.

The course explains differences between theoretical, empirical, and applied sides for each domain.

Level: 1         -          Length: 4 hours

PSY 263-E: Students' Academic Motivation

Level: 2         -          Length: 3 hours

With theoretical knowledge, lectures, and discussions, students who follow this course will be able to demonstrate knowledge about students’ academic motivation and able to reflect on the applied side of educational psychology.

With an Educational psychology approach, that promotes teaching and learning, the course aims to introduce the motivation with a focus on students’ academic motivation. The goal is to learn the consequences of the student’s motivation on his/her scholarship as on his/her person. Also, the course opens the suggestion box to explore how teachers can improve their students’ motivation.

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